Best Bang For Buck For 12 Volt Low Voltage Light Bulbs?

April 15, 2021

Best Bang For Buck For 12 Volt Low Voltage Light Bulbs?

With everyone trying to reduce their energy consumption to save money and reduce the impact on the environment, you probably would want to know how to get the best bang for your bucks with your 12V light bulbs? Are you shopping around for 12V light bulbs? Can't decide if you need LED or Halogen lighting? We have outlined what you may need to know about halogen and LED bulbs.

There has been a lot of speculation about these two types of lighting. What’s the difference between LED and halogen lighting? Some people are saying that LEDs are way too expensive, while others would say that halogen bulbs give off too much heat. They also cost too much to run.

What are Halogen and LED Lights?

LEDs (light-emitting diodes) differ from halogen or traditional light bulbs in the way LED bulbs produce light. These bulbs do not have filaments that gradually burn out. These bulbs produce light by passing electricity through a semi-conductor. They are energy efficient, and they produce little waste of thermal radiation. LED lights generate 80% light and 20% heat.

The earlier versions of LEDs were criticized for being slow to light up. Today’s LED bulbs, however, instantly light up. LEDs are relatively new, and these bulbs are playing a huge part in making homes much more energy efficient. Not surprisingly, many governments are phasing out halogen light bulbs in favor of LED lighting.

What are the Differences Between Halogen and LED Bulbs?

Heat Emissions

LED bulbs produce only about 10% to 20% heat of their total energy while halogen bulbs produce 80% to 90% of total energy. Yes, halogen put out almost all of its energy as heat. This makes the bulb incredibly hard. It can be a pain when you’re trying to replace it. It’s no fun to juggle a blisteringly hot bulb. Halogen bulbs can be a fire hazard if placed next to combustible materials. Nowadays, there are regulations imposed on the use of halogen lights to ensure safety and save energy.

LED bulbs put out only about 10-20 percent of their energy as heat so they don’t get incredibly hot like halogen. It’s easier to handle them. They are also much less likely to set something on fire accidentally. Also, LEDs do not have UV emissions, and halogen bulbs have minimal UV emissions.

Life Spans

The power consumption of LED bulbs is 8 watts or (0.008 kilowatts) or 90 watts (0.09 kilowatts). A LED bulb can last up to 60,000 hours, while halogen bulbs last for 1,200 hours. LEDs last 40 times longer than halogen bulbs.

LEDs can be a bit costly compared to halogen though, but the overall lifespan means that you will buy fewer LEDs than halogen bulbs. Think about it this way – one led will cost you about $17, but it could last 50,000 hours. The equivalent halogen bulbs would cost you about $220.

Where Can You Use Your Lights?

LED lights have numerous real-world uses in various industries – from signs, exhibits, displays, special events, entertainment, and more! These things are perfect for showroom floors. They also work well for outdoor lighting as well as home lighting. Halogen bulbs can also affect the lighting of the room. Yellow light gives off a much warmer light compared to the cool blue light of LEDs. Halogens give off light in all kinds of directions compared to LEDs that create directed beams.

Are You Looking for LED Lightbulbs?

As well as being long-lasting and cost-effective, LEDs offers other benefits too. They brighten up instantly, and they are unaffected by the switching of the lights on and off. They are also able to produce focused light beams. They work as spotlights, display cabinets, and garden features. These LEDs are durable, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor lighting. LED lights can be controlled precisely, which then allows for dynamic light control. They are available as dimmable or non-dimmable.

Color Changing LED Outdoor Spot Light

You can grab our Color Changing LED Outdoor Spot Light, which you can install for outdoor lighting illumination. With their IP68 waterproof, they are perfect even for wet outdoor conditions. They are great for aquariums, lakesides, piers, fishing boats, water fountains, ponds, backyard, boats, and more. These lights can be controlled with an infrared remote, and they can be installed on both historical and vertical surfaces.

Glass Tube Wire Filament LED Light Bulb

If you are looking for LED lights for your battery-powered off-grid solar, transformer, or power grids, you should grab our Glass Tube Wire Filament LED Light Bulb. This bulb screams vintage and antique. It’s also eco-friendly, and it doesn’t consume a lot of electricity. This can tolerate low voltage levels, and they work as ideal replacements for low voltage halogen light bulbs.

12 Volt LED Fire Light Bulb

You can also grab our 12 Volt LED Fire Light Bulb if you want a bulb that creates a real fire with a flickering effect. This works for low voltage DC 12V. They would help create a spectacular look for your landscape at night.

LED Filament Capsule Light Bulb

If you want a LED bulb that mimics the look of a traditional glass halogen bulb, you might want to get our LED Filament Capsule Light Bulb. This would also help you save money and energy. It emits very low heat and draws only about 2W of electricity.

Are You Looking for Halogen Lightbulbs?

Although halogen light bulbs may not seem as efficient as LED bulbs and they have been criticized for producing too much heat, halogen bulbs can be quite useful in some situations. You can use these bulbs in areas where you need extra heat. These bulbs can help warm up your room. Halogen also works as outdoor lighting, and they work great if you need additional heat for specific outdoor areas.

MR16 12 Volt Halogen Spot Light Bulb

Do you need a spotlight bulb for your home tracking lighting or motor home? Are you looking for a halogen bulb for your fishing boat, bus, or car? You might want to grab our MR16 12 Volt Halogen Spot Light Bulb and MR11 12 Volt Halogen Light Bulb Spot. Their working voltage is 12 volts in AC or DC current. They work as replacements for standard household halogen spot lamps.

If you are looking for halogen bulbs for your appliances, under cabinet lighting, and floor lighting, you would want our G4 20W 12V Clear Halogen Light Bulb. These bulbs offer crisp bright lighting and an extra durable long lifetime.

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