Five Interesting Things Regarding LED Lighting That You May Not Know

August 31, 2013

led lighting basics

Whether you’re building a big government or state project; or you’re changing the outdoor lighting for your own home or boat, You have probably heard good and bad things about LED lighting. But chances are, you are still missing a few facts! Here are five little known truth truths about light emitting diodes.

1. Many LED makers oversell their products.

It is true that LED bulbs can outperform traditional incandescent bulbs and other lighting options, but not all LEDs are created of the same quality. To achieve the maximum LED lifespan (high quality bulbs can reach tens of thousands of hours lifetime), you must have top quality equipment with the right maintenance , installation of wiring and LED lights need to be done correctly, right components must be used, etc. remember to select a LED firm that has good technical experience with your type of application.

2. LEDs have been around for quite a while.

US based General Electric started developing their first LEDs in the 1960s. In the 1970s, manufacturers used LEDs in calculators, computers and other commercial technology. Currently it seems that LEDs just “burst onto the scene” in the past few years, but it actually took more than five decades of research and engineering for the technology to become cost effective and commercially marketable.

3. Recently, LED prices have plummeted – and will no doubt continue to do so in the future.

Most industry watchers and insiders believe that we may be at or nearing a “peak” in terms of pricing for the commercial viability of LED products. As more and more large firms and even individuals consumers “give-in” to the LED benefits, prices of LEDs will continue to drop, and quality continue to rise.

4. Save more on power and cost in the long run

While it’s true that LED bulbs can substantially outlast traditional lamps, you may need to invest on the front end. It may be easy and cheap to retrofit your lighting options with LEDs. But not necessarily! The major benefits often comes years later down the line, because the real savings you enjoy due to increased efficiency, longer bulb life, etc, adds up over time.

 5. LEDs can enhance safety and add value to your exiting property.

An assortment of surveys suggest that consumers consider LED lighting livelier and safer. This does sense. Fewer burned out bulbs and way less heat, for instance, create a more consistent and sustainable lighting option. When your premises feel safe and looks good, more customers will visit, do business with you and enjoy your space and beautiful lighting.

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