Wiring For Our DC 6 Volt Latching Remote Control Wireless Switch. Easy DIY Set Up !

May 18, 2013

DC 6 Volt Latching Remote Control Wireless Switch

Here are the instructions on how to work this small ON OFF remote control switch for 6 Volt and 12 Volt loads that can be easily installed DIY style.

It can turn on and off any 6V or 12V loads with ease, and save on messy wiring.

You can use for kill switch , power control, and much more.

Here is how it should be connected.

From the receiver:

  • Red wire goes to positive on battery
  • Black wire goes to negative on battery
  • One yellow wire goes to positive on battery as well

From your load:

  • Positive from load goes to the second yellow wire on receiver
    Negative from load goes to negative on battery

This can be used as a power switch , emergency kill switch, and other application.

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