CRI War - Should I Go With Warm White? Bright White? Or Cool White?

April 25, 2013

bright white or cool white led

 color temperature chart cool or warm white

Have you ever asked yourself this question ? what light color is suitable for my needs. ?

Different locations require different lighting solutions. Choosing the correct color temperature and color for your LED lighting should be researched and taken into considerations when planning your lighting needs. Before planning , lets get ourselves informed of the colors that are available

  • flame has a Kelvin value of 1,850K
  • Good ol' incandescent light bulbs have a Kelvin value of between 2,600K to 3,400K , even your standard Halogen MR16 spot light is in this range
  • Moonlight has a Kelvin value of 4,100K
  • On an overcast cloudy day, the lighting would be approx. 6,500K.     






Best Location

Warm White 2700-3200K Similar to incandescent bulb, yellowish light best  for accentuating skin tones and colour of wooden objects  Friendly, warm, inviting, intimate, relaxing Best for areas that need low light intensity like Bedrooms, lounges, restaurants, office lobbies, boutiques, reception area etc.
Natural White 4000-4500K Similar to early morning sunlight, Xenon lamp for automotive use Neat and clean, Natural tone Best choice for high light intensity applications like  Surgical lights, indoor photography, Laundry, Office etc.
Day White 5500-6000K Typical day light, Flash light. Crisp light, efficient, brightly lit, natural outdoor Retail stores, Factories, Printing, artist studio, Schools, Offices, indoor grow lights, photography
Cool White 7000-7500K Best contrast but least flattering to the skin, may need mixing with light from a warm white lamp. Bright light, bluish light Special applications needing high light intensity and good colour rendition like art Galleries, museums, showcases from precious stones and jewelry

Source: My LED Lighting Guide


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