LED Lighting Sounds Really Promising, But Should I Switch?

April 16, 2013

benefits of led lighting

The transition to LED lighting is definately on the horizon. After all, everyone using traditional incandescent lamps have been using them forever and they are cheap in price. Getting to know more information regarding LED lighting will help you make that decision - to change ? or not to change

  • LEDs lightinghas a longer lifetime than any traditional and CFL lighting , we are talking about 10 times longer - good quality LED with the right components can light you up for over 50000 hours. 
  • LEDs lighting can be made into any color you need
  • LEDs lighting are super energy efficient. They lose only 25% of their power to heat loss – the everything else goes into illumination. This is especially important for users of marine and solar panel systems. You can maximize your power from your hard collected amps
  • LEDs lighting reach full brightness in milliseconds – unlike CFL , which can take several seconds to fully illuminate. Not to mention a large voltage drop for CFL that can damage batteries in marine and solar panel system's lighting
  • LEDs lighting do not emit any noise
  • LEDs lighting can be dimmed without any color change
  • LEDs lighting run much cooler than their traditional light bulb counterparts
  • LEDs lightingcan come in any shape that is needed , there are no restrictions at all

The above is just some of the benefits that LED light can offer you, but most importantly to the consumer , LED lighting will help you save MONEY!

For low voltage systems, LED lighting are a must due the the low voltage drop, and wide working voltage range , with flucuating voltage in DC batteries , LED lighting are optimized to worked within the wide voltage range

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