6 Must-Have Items In My Camper

July 07, 2018

6 Must-Have Items In My Camper


Camping in a motorhome can be so much fun, especially for the free-spirited people. It can, however, turn into a nightmare if you do not carry the essential tools that help make RV camping a pleasant experience. You see, camping is all about liberation and preparedness. It helps the camper build endurance by getting them out of their comfort zones. Whether you are a traveler looking to test out the nomad lifestyle or a full-time motorhome camper, there are some tools that you need to have a fulfilling RV camping experience. Here are my picks of the six items that I always have in my camper.


LED ST64 classic retro wire filament light bulb


One of the essential things in a camper is a light source. Try camping with no light source and see how that turns out. Before you even think about turning on your RV and hitting the road, you have to make sure that you install your light equipment. This LED ST64 light bulb is the perfect light bulb for a motorhome. It is a low voltage and high lumen light bulb with a 360 degree light beam. Since it is an LED bulb, it consumes very little power and gives out 550 lumens of light, making it perfect for an RV. LED bulbs are also known for their longer lifespans so you can be sure that this light bulb will illuminate your camper for a long time before burning out. You can use both AC and DC power to power this bulb so, if your campsite is not a full hook up, you can use a battery or a small solar panel to light up your RV.


Try-Lynx leveling kit


Very few things can be as frustrating as living in a motorhome that is not level. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it also makes it difficult for some of your appliances to work correctly. Appliances like fridges need level ground to work correctly. You also need your RV to be level so that your tank level sensors can give accurate readings. You can save yourself from a lot of discomfort and frustration by simply getting a Try-Lynx leveling kit. This leveling kit compromises of 10 sturdy, interlocking blocks that can be stacked together to achieve different heights. The interlocking blocks are made from plastic making them lightweight and durable. When leveling your RV, it is vital to elevate an entire side instead of lifting individual corners. Elevating one corner can twist your RV’s frame which can increase the rate of wear and tear on your motorhome.



Flame King mounted BBQ grill


What is the point of hopping into your RV if you are not going to be barbecuing at the campsite? You might as well stay home and order in. Every camper worth their salt must have a BBQ grill in their RV for those good outdoor barbecues. The perfect grill for campers is the Flame King mounted BBG grill. This grill comes with an adjustable flame controller and two grill decks. It also includes a mounting bracket to help you install it to the side of the RV. The hanging rack also serves as legs when you want to make the grill free-standing. The grill uses the RV self-contained LP gas. Using it with anything else other than LP gas is very unsafe.


Walex Porta-Pak holding tank deodorizer


Waste management in a motorhome can be a stinky affair, literary. When you are living in a camper, all the waste goes into a holding tank. You have to empty this tank when it gets full. Now, the holding tank can develop a very unpleasant smell and make waste disposal a nightmare unless you use a deodorizer. The best deodorizer is the Walex Porta-Pak deodorizer drop-ins. These deodorizer drop-ins are rich in fragrance for odor control. They are also fast dissolving and effective for breaking down paper and waste. A single drop-in can treat 40 gallons of waste and provide odor control for a whole week. For effective odor control and waste treatment, drop one deodorizer drop-in into the holding tank and add water to disperse the contents of the packet. Do not handle the deodorizer drop-ins with wet hands or mix them with other chemicals.


Camco oak stove topper


Campers are generally limited in space, and unless you want to drive around in an RV the size of a house, you will have to improvise to create more space. One of the must-have items to create more space in your RV is Camco oak stove topper.  Kitchen counter space in an RV is scarce, but this stove topper turns your stove into extra kitchen counter space. It also stops the stove rack from rattling when you are driving your RV. The stove topper comes with four rubber legs that clip firmly to the stove rack. The legs can be adjusted to fit any stove rack by changing their position on the underside of the stove topper. The stove topper package comes with a manual containing detailed instructions on how to fix the stove topper to your stove rack.



Camco wrap around step rug


Cleaning an RV floor can be quite frustrating especially because of the limited space inside. You can save yourself this frustration by installing a Camco wrap around step rug on your Camper’s step. This rug helps cut down on tracked-in dirt to keep your RV clean for longer. It fits smoothly on the step with the help of hooked springs and hooking holes. To install, wrap the rug around the step then hook the springs in the holes to keep it in place. The mat is all-weather, so you don’t have to worry about taking it off and reinstalling it every time you travel. It does not get damaged by rain, sunlight, or snow.


In conclusion


Life on the road is full of adventure and can offer you opportunities to meet new people and experience different cultures. Although living in a camper is a great experience, it is also quite tricky, but with the mentioned items, you can make your camping a tad more pleasant. As you embark on your camping journey, be sure to pack these items and all your necessities. Happy camping!

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