Guide To Buying Halogen Lighting , Which Halogen Bulb Is Suitable For My Lamp ?

April 25, 2015

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Halogen Light Bulb Buying Guide

When you consider all the different light bulbs on the market today, it may seem a little difficult at first to know which type to choose. However, the halogen light bulb has proven to be quite popular over the years for a number of reasons. All types of businesses as well as individuals have been buying halogen for many years, but what makes this particular type of bulb so popular?
Here is a guide to halogen lighting which will explain what they are, how to choose the right size and wattage and where they can be found.

What is a Halogen Light Bulb?

A halogen bulb is essentially an incandescent bulb with a small element of halogen that has been added. The halogen can be iodine or bromine which combines with the tungsten filament to create a cycle of energy that can last far longer than a standard incandescent bulb. The light that is produced is generally brighter and hotter in color temperature than an incandescent bulb as well which is a big part of the reason why they are so popular.
You can find the halogen light bulb being used for all types of lighting situations from sports stadiums, theater stages, headlights for vehicles, driveways, and many different household fixtures as well. They are primarily designed for areas that need intense, bright long for a long period of time. You can replace standard incandescent bulbs with halogen ones as long as you purchase the right wattage and size. Basically, the brightness of all light bulbs is expressed in lumens. The more lumens, the brighter the light will be. In addition, the higher the wattage, the more power that the bulb requires so that it can operate.

The Different Types of Halogen Bulbs 

When buying halogen light bulbs, there are several different types to choose. Each type has its own specialty when it comes to where it was designed to be used.
Automotive: Certainly one of the most common uses for halogen bulbs is as headlights for all manner of vehicles. Their bright, long lasting light makes them perfect for cars, pickups, vans, SUVs and large trucks. You will need to match the right bulb for your vehicle, so checking with the manufacturer’s guide for your car or truck will be necessary. Although many auto supply stores will have a guide to halogen lighting for all types of vehicles. The light they provide is very clean and bright that will help you see at night.
MR Bulbs: Small lights that use reflection to increase their brightness, they are often found in interior lighting situations that include the following;

Track lighting
Desk lamps
Recessed lighting
Retail display and more

The MR is well suited for areas that need a low to moderate level of lighting for long periods of time, especially to highlight a particular location. SIzes are MR8 , MR11 and MR16

PAR Bulbs: Arguably the most common type of halogen light bulb, the PAR is used to light up large areas both indoors and outdoors. You will often find them at stadiums and other large venues, although you can also find them used to light driveways and walkways. The bulb itself is shaped like a cone which allows it to flood an area with light. Sizes are PAR16 , PAR20 , PAR30 , PAR38

Capsule Bulbs: This is a very small bulb that can create a great deal of light. They are mainly used for decorative purposes in hotels and retail stores to highlight particular items or areas. You can also find them in white or yellow and can last for upwards of 1200 hours of use. Also known as capsule bulbs , these little guys are are available in a wide variety of fittings such as G4 , G5.3 , GU5.3 , GY6.35 , G8 , GY8.6 . G9

Tubular: There are double ended and single ended tubular bulbs that have their particular uses. The double ended ones will screw into a lighting fixture at both ends while the single ended will only screw in at one end much like you would find for traditional bulbs. This particular type of bulb does get very hot and is used for the following purposes;

Stadiums and theaters
Recessed and reading
Photography lighting and more

You can find short and long double ended bulbs that will fit a particular type of lighting fixture. They are quite common and used for many different purposes.

Guide to Halogen Lighting Purchases
Now that you know basically what to look for, the next step is finding the halogen bulbs you want online. You can start with traditional retail outlets however there are specialty lighting stores such as 12Vmonster that offer good discounts on halogen bulbs. Buying from big box stores can get expensive

Shipping Charges: One way to save money is to search out the places that offer low to no shipping charges for the items you purchase. This can make all the difference when buying halogen lighting as you might be able to save more when the shipping charges are reduced as compared to a specific discount. Plus, you can also use coupon codes to help reduce the price even further if they are available.

Overall, the halogen light bulb is an excellent, long lasting alternative to the standard incandescent version. While it does have a broad number of uses, the overall amount of light that it casts combined with its durability makes it a great choice for your lighting needs. Be sure to use the guide to halogen lighting in finding the right wattage, size and type of bulb that is needed. Plus, you can find new uses for halogen bulbs when it comes to lighting up your driveway, using them as recessed lighting indoors or as other types of indoor and outdoor lighting for your needs.

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