Brightening Advantages Of Modern LED Lighting Design

March 23, 2015

modern led lighting design

To some people; they’re just a lightbulb in a designer lamp, but for those of you who have designer style and expectations within your interior decor, you know that the lighting fixtures within your home mean much more than just that. The trend of living efficiently is certainly one worth plugging in for as it provides you with plenty of different benefits while also enhancing the aura and sense of style within your home. LED lights are the top choice for lighting as they’re a massive power saver. This is only one of the advantages of being passionate and eco-friendly with high quality, designer LED lighting that will take that house and turn it into a home, and there are many more.

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LED Equals Longevity

This is certain a benefit that can be broken down into many different benefits as well - and that’s especially true for anyone who doesn’t like to pull out a big ladder when bulbs start to shine a little less brighter. LED lights have a significantly longer life span than the traditional bulbs, with an estimated life time of 100,000 hours. This can be broken down to 11 years of constant operation. So, needless to say, you definitely enjoy the luxury and lack-of-hassle that comes with LED designer lighting options. The flicking of the power switch won’t decrease it’s lifespan either, but maybe you should keep this secret away from the kids in your household.

Energy Efficient

b22 bayonet bc LED light bulb 12V 24VThe most efficient illumination and light options are LED lights, and they require much less power to operate. Regardless of how elaborate your designer lighting designs are within your home, you can appreciate a lower electricity bill due to the decreased energy required to light every room.


The environment is dependent on everyone right now as the world comes closer and closer to a global warming crisis. LED lights are manufactured without about use of toxic chemicals, unlike the flickering fluorescent lights and old-school candescent bulbs that often contain mercury as one of the most harmful elements in them. Not only would you never want to place such danger in your home, purchasing LED lights will also instantly decreases your carbon footprint. They can also be recycled as opposed to thrown in the trash.

High Quality

LED lights are also the best choice for each designer lamp in your home, as well as all other lighting fixtures because they are simply more durable. After all, if they can last for 11 years of constant use, you would expect them to be able to withstand the heat (no pun intended). They’re also resistant to things such as vibrations, external impacts and shock which also makes them an excellent selection for an outdoor designer lamp and lights as they get exposed to rough conditions such as the weather. With that said, they’re also operational in a variety of different temperatures, whether extremely cold or hot.

No UVs

jc halogen replacement led light bulbA lighting design that utilizes LED lights produces incredible illumination without having to emit large amounts of UV emissions which many other options do. So, when you’re placing your bulb into your brand new luxurious, designer lamp that you just purchased, you’ll be happy to know that the little radiated heat won’t ruin your latest purchase.

Designer Perfect

While other bulb options only come in standard form, LEDs can be made into any shape needed. They can also be dimmed which allows you to have full control over the aura that shines into every room. The lighting effects alone are absolutely breath-taking, and can provide the ultimate oasis with a relaxed mind and mood that follows flawless lighting. In addition, the bulbs alone have the ability to direct light to a specific area, without having to use reflectors which also allows brightness to be delivered more efficiently.

Home decor definitely has a lot to do with the furniture, accents and interior of every room, but the lighting design plays a huge factor in providing the proper oasis that you deserve to come home to. So, whether it’s the latest ST64 lamp or another designer lamp that pulls at your interior heart strings, make sure to keep those LEDs close by.

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