Antique Vintage Edison Light Bulbs Are Making A Nostalgic Comeback , In Both Filament And LED

February 24, 2015 2 Comments

Antique Vintage Edison Light Bulbs Are Making A Nostalgic Comeback , In Both Filament And LED

Despite the rally in pushing CFL and LED light bulbs , vintage designer Edison light bulbs are making a strong come back in the world of modern decor. These bulbs are a shape reproduction of all the original Edison designs. They emit a very soft and warm glow that is not harsh to the eyes at all.

Usually fitted into exposed light fixtures , the filaments inside the bulbs can now included many different shapes and styles from single loop , double loop , cage style and much more. Using these bulbs can instantly add class and originality in your space.

Using them with vintage lamp holders would be optimal for the best fixture with maximum exposure. 

The recent popularization of these antique looking lighting sources are incredible, you can now find these also looking light bulbs everywhere from your favorite bar to the friendly neighborhood restaurant. Designed to accentuate mood lighting, do not be surprised if the lumen output of vintage Edison light bulbs are considerably lower than a regular light bulb consuming the same wattage. Keep in mind that these lamps are designed for accent lighting, can lights, overhead lights or task lights would not suitable with these light bulbs.

LED manufacturers have now incorporated COB LED filaments and are able to make retro vintage Edison light bulbs that are suitable for non-accent lighting purposes. These thin little yellow LED wires are very bright and start at just 1W. the old Edison bulbs that would only help accent lighting are now making a breakthrough and jumping into the regular light bulbs market. There are even low voltage DC 12 volt filament light bulbs in popular shapes such as ST64, T30 , C35 , A19, A60. These low voltage models make it simple and easy for off grid and theatrical lighting enthusiast.

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Bill Hickey
Bill Hickey

April 02, 2017

Same question Graham. Did you get a answer

Kind regards Bill
graham maddern
graham maddern

November 09, 2016

I am trying to get a 12volt filament light eddison fitting for a pendant light over a bath .

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