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What Is A COB LED ? What Does COB Mean ? Should I Make The Switch ?

Posted on May 28 2014

what is a COB led explainerWhat is a COB LED ?

COB ( chip on board ) LED products are slowly starting to seep into the market , it is set to take the whole industry by storm soon. A chip on board LED is basically a LED chip diode built directly on the the circuit board. The chips are bonded directly into the PCB at the manufacturer. Without traditional LED packaging ( 5mm LED , 3528 , 5050 , 5630 , 5730 SMD LED ) , components and assembly is avoided to max out the full potential of the LED chip. 


What does this all mean ?

Due to less components in the LED chip , the thermal conductivity is directed at the circuit board and without traditional LED chip packaging structure, research shows that an average of 25% less heat is emitted from the LED chip. Less heat means much higher efficiency rate and lower failure rates.

Spot soldering is no longer necessary as the chip is built directly on to the circuit board, less welding points means less chances of failure. PC lenses and other traditional LED packaging parts are also no longer needed, therefore light visibility range is increased and light loss from lenses are decreased substantially. All these factors are important to ensure a long lasting LED chip.

COB LEDs are an integrated package. With less spacing between the LED chips , a much wider surface can be covered by the COB LED's light beam with less glare. CRI is increased due to the wider beam angle.


Should I make the switch ?

Still a new technology , we would wait around 1-2 years for more matured COB LED products to come out in the market. But it wont hurt for you to start looking into products that utilize COB LED technology


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These products are perfect for fluctuating voltage systems such as off grid solar , wind power turbine generators , marine boat battery systems , motor homes , campers , cars , trucks , vans , buses , trailers , RV etc.


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  • dave: January 18, 2018

    Great explanation of the COB light and how it can be applied. I was able to find a flashlight at Walmart that had a CREE spot flashlight and a COB flood light and am amazed at the output of light. What a great emergency/every day type of lighting.

  • Jonderson: November 12, 2017

    @gary mcvay
    Gary, a 300w incandescent puts out 3500 lumens, and has a life expectancy of about 5000 hours. A 40w COB LED incandescent bulb replacement will put out 4000 lumens and has a life expectancy of 35,000 hours. Individually, the price is about 10x more for the LED, but if you buy in bulk (100+) the LEDs are cheaper than incandescents.
    COB LED tech is one of the few tech advances that appears to have little if any negative aspects to it. The potential increase in light pollution seems to be about the extent of it, and that is ultimately very easily controllable.

  • rebecca: July 17, 2017

    very good thank you

  • javad nayebi: June 12, 2017

    how are you?
    i need some cob chip
    size about 6*10mm
    high power cob about 10w
    would you mind help me?
    my whatsapp number is 0098 9144181452
    thanks alot.

  • Gary Mcvay: November 20, 2016

    How big of a cob light would it take to replace a 300 watt bulb.

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