Triple The Brightness of Your Goal Zero Light-A-Life Lantern Lamp By Replacing It With The 12Vmonster 60x Cluster LED Light Bulb

March 19, 2014

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We have had several customers buy our low voltage LED bulbs with the intent of using the bulb as a OEM replacement for the Goal Zero - Light-a-Life soft lantern. Both are standard screw based e26 fittings, so they are interchangeable. These customers have bought different wattage from the same brightness to triple the brightness.

goal zero light a life latern bulb replacement lamp

One would ask , what wattage should I choose ?

That would depend on your battery pack's capacity , you would have to calculate the

Wattage per hour  X  number of hours the lamp needs to be powered on = < capacity of the battery pack

for example - our 42x cluster 5050 E26 LED light bulb uses approx. 9 watts per hour , and the lamp needs to be on 3 hours per night it would be

9 watts X 3 hours = 27 watts , the power source is a 12 volt power source , so it would be 27W / 12 = 2.25 amps (2250mA)

The above mentioned 42x cluster 5050 E26 LED light bulb is approx. double the brightness of the original goal zero , light a life lantern's light bulb.

if you need triple the brightness , you can use this bulb - 60x cluster 5050 e26 LED light bulb

Be sure to choose pure white for maximum brightness

Goal Zero - Light-a-Life soft lantern

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