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We Have Talked About 3528 LED VS 5050 LED And The Differences , But There's A New Player In Town , Its The 5630 LED.

Posted on February 28 2014

The newly developed 5630 surface mount LED was engineered by Samsung. Its the Korean contribution to all the other chip makers globally. 


The LED consist of 1 single chip sized 56mm x 30mm. The longer length enables a wider viewing angle.  

The 5630 LED is theoretically 1.5x times brighter than a 5050 LED. meanwhile , a 5050 LED is theoretically 3x times brighter than a 3528 LED 

You may also see 5730 LED , it is basically the same chip as the 5630.


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3528 LED

35mm x 28mm

approximately 0.08 watts consumption 

5050 LED

50mm x 50mmm

approximately 0.25 watts consumption 

5630 LED

56mm x 30mm

approximately 0.5 watts consumption


here's also a few example of our new Samsung 5630 LED products


Newest 5630 LED G4 JC halogen light bulb replacement 

Newest 5630 LED low voltage E26 light bulb


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