Recommended 12 Volt Lighting For Earthship Autonomous Houses

February 20, 2022

earthship autonomous houses

An Earthship is a type of architecture created by architect Michael Reynolds in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. Earthships are composed of both natural and repurposed materials, like earth-packed tires, and are supposed to act as passive solar earth shelters. 

Earthships can have a range of appearances and features, and they're built to resist the desert's severe temperatures, staying close to 70° F (21° C) regardless of the weather. 

Earthship villages were first created along the Rio Grande in the desert of northern New Mexico, and the style has since expanded to other communities across the world, despite legal resistance to their building and acceptance in certain locations.

12v Lighting for Earthship Autonomous Houses

Earthships are built to capture and store renewable energy. The sun and wind provide the bulk of their electrical energy. On or near the Earthship, photovoltaic panels and wind turbines produce DC power that is retained in deep-cycle batteries. 

On the roof, the batteries are kept in a specially designed chamber. The building can also obtain energy from gasoline-powered generators or the city grid.

Because they are efficient, simple to install, and ecologically friendly, low-voltage and solar lighting are ideal choices for Earthships. Because the low level of energy reduces the potential of electrocution from accidentally cutting the wiring, low-voltage (12-volt) lighting is safer than 120-volt systems. 

As a result, it's more energy efficient and lasts longer than incandescent lamps, which commonly used a 120-volt system. To lower the 120-volt house current to the 12 volts required by the fixtures, a low-voltage system requires particular light fixtures, cabling, electrical access, and a transformer.

A transformer is used to decrease the regular line voltage (typically 120 or 277 volts) to 12 or 24 volts in low-voltage lighting systems. It's frequently utilized in a variety of applications, including recessed, track, pendant, landscape, and display lighting. Low voltage lighting is perfect for hard-to-reach areas where Earthship Autonomous Houses are typically located.

Advantages of 12v Lighting

advantages of 12v lighting

The transformer and power supply in 12V LED systems are usually positioned in a cool and ventilated location away from the LEDs. This increases the LED lights' dependability and, most importantly, makes it easier to repair or replace broken components. 

Typically, a broken LED bulb is non-repairable, which means that even if all of the LEDs on the bulb are operating well, one bad capacitor can force the bulb to be replaced. Faulty components in a 12V LED system may be changed piecemeal, making repairs easier and lowering your total maintenance cost.

Many electrical and lighting systems rely on 12 volts DC. Because there is no need for extra transformers or power supply to change the voltage, a 12V LED system is a no-brainer option for many applications, as LED lights can be plugged in immediately.

Because of its widespread use, 12 volts is a highly common voltage level. This makes power supplies more accessible and less expensive, which may help you save money on your purchases.

12V Lighting Powered By Renewable Sources

Interior lighting with 12 volts was once reserved for recreational vehicles, but that is no longer the case. The green movement has begun to use 12 volt systems to illuminate entire homes including Earthship autonomous houses.

But which are the best ones for Earthship homes? Is there anything to keep in mind while selecting lighting systems and bulbs for your autonomous house?

Most lighting systems operate on direct current. A 12-volt lighting system may be fueled by a solar panel without the need for a converter. A normal deep cycle battery may be linked directly to an interior lighting system. 

Various sorts of systems are available, ranging in size from a single bulb to a whole system. The larger the lighting setup, the more energy it consumes, and the more batteries you'll need, depending on the type of bulbs you choose.

A solar panel, a battery, and a lighting system are all required for a conventional 12-volt system. Because it has fewer components than a bigger solar power system, it is considerably less likely to fail than a larger solar power system, making it ideal for a grid-connected home as well.

But what kinds of 12-Volt Lighting are perfect for Earthship Autonomous Houses? Here is what we recommend:

LED Filament Vintage Light Bulb for General or Interior Lighting

LED Filament Vintage Light Bulb

Our LED Filament Vintage Light Bulb features the most unique Edison glass bulb in the shape of an A19 or A60. The glass light bulb encases COB LED wire filaments with high brightness. This bulb is perfect for desk lights and for creating a vintage look. That's why it works well with an Earthship home.

For any low voltage DC 12V - 36V power system, this LED bulb is brilliant and lasts a long time. It can tolerate a wide range of voltages while maintaining a steady level of brightness with minimal flickering. 

It works with a DC battery and maritime dc power systems. It is great for landscaping, such as emergency lights, with off-grid solar, for remote cottages, and much more. It features a standard Edison medium screw base that may be used with any socket in the home. As long as the voltage is DC 12V - 36V, this bulb will stay cool and brilliant.

LED Fire Light Bulb for Outdoor Fixtures and Great Effect

LED Fire Light Bulb

Did you know that LED may now be used to create a real fire flickering effect in a safe and energy-efficient manner? Yes, this is a low-voltage DC 12V adapter. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have these flamers in your landscaping at night? It will create a stunning effect to match your already unique Earthship home.

4W Light Hard Bar Aluminum Strip for Accent and Decoration Lighting

4W Light Hard Bar Aluminum Strip

Our light bars use a driver with a constant current and a wide operating voltage range of 8 to 30 volts, so they may be used with any 9V, 12V, or 24V battery system. It's ideal for lighting beneath cabinets at home or as accent lighting in a boat or automobile. It comes in cool white or warm white.

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