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** PROJECT ** Basic Solar Set Up , Efficient And Takes Just A Little Bit Of D.I.Y. Work. Thanks Dave For Sharing This With Us.

Posted on December 02 2013

customer project photo

1.) 20 watt 18 Volt solar panel x 1 unit Our handy man customer Dave was nice enough to send us a project he did with our components. His set up is running a very simple set up of

2.) A generic , but useful small 12 Volt / 24 Volt 12A PWM solar charge controller

3.) A small 20aH deep cycle 12 Volt AGM battery

4.) A home standing light fixture using our 12Vmonster iLLumi projections 180x cluster LED light bulb with screw type fitting to easily mount to existing lamp

12Vmonster 180x cluster LED E26 fitting

5.) A little bit of simple re-wiring to make the battery connect to the standing light fixture

Simple enough ? its perhaps time you try it out yourself.



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